Welcome To Himalayan Mantra Trek

Himalayn Mantra Trek is Trekking based Service Company in Nepal and we offer different and best itineraries for national and foreign trekkers and visitors. We especially focus our trekking services in different popular and virgin Himalayan ranges within Nepal, expedition services in peaks, and different religious and cultural and exulting tours within Valley; Kathamandu and out of Valley. Tibet and Bhutan tour is our extended services in foreign country.

Nepal is renowned as the peaceful country, a South Asian nation by its location and abundant in natural beauty, greenery massive hills and is a synonymous for Himalayas because having its northern territory bounded by high Himalayan peaks and its ranges. This range entails eight no of high peaks more than eight thousand metre out of ten including roof of the world Mt. Everest, 8848m at Khumbu Glacier range. It has its boundary extended form the northern high hill and snow covered Tibetan plateau to southern lowland. Natural and cultural diversity,ones respect and religious tolerance among each other, golden national history and the profound ancient culture is another emblem of the country. It the birth place of Gautam Buddha, Idol of peace, therefore taken as the Holy Land, land of scientific religious doctrine. Historical documents explains this country as the place for great sages and nimble and they used to live in this territory for meditation and in search of truth; silent environment used to be the coadjutor of them. Boudhanath Temple, Swayambhunath Temple, Pashupatinath Temple; holiest shrine for Hindu are the examples viagra kaufen.

Therefore, Nepal; somehow lacked in the modern and physical development than the western countries but it has its unspoiled natural beauty has enticed the national and foreign visitors. Himalayan Mantra Trek offers you best services within best price according to visitors’ choice and their destiny with our best guides and travel itinerary accordingly