Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance


Travel Insurance is a must to do any  sorts of adventure trips in Nepal with Himalayan Mantra. Travel Insurance must cover both the medical and emergency evacuation cost. The insurance should be worth a minimum of USD 100,000.00.


While doing any adventure trips, it is always advisable  to be prepared for any risks or unforeseen circumstances that might occur. There might be some difficulties while trekking, climbing or any other adventures  in Nepal. The risk and chances of problems associated with health issues, injuries and even altitude sickness might occur to any traveler. Nobody knows!  Therefore, each and every traveler has to be prepared beforehand, especially for trekking and climbing activities..


A helicopter service may also be needed sometimes according to the circumstance. Along with the helicopter service, a rescue team can also sometimes become necessary for ground evacuation and rescuing in the mountainous region. This is the reason, all travelers diazepam
must bring insurance that cover helicopter services and evacuation in the mountains. For travelers’ safety, a good Insurance plan should cover  all accidents, injuries, health issues and rescue and emergency evacuation via a helicopter in the Himalayas and be  the  trip worry-free.


There are many insurance companies that provide travel insurance services over the internet. You can choose from a wide variety of insurance companies according to your convenience. But it is extremely important to be aware of the fact that the insurance policy the company of your choice provides to you should cover the cost of the helicopter rescue from the mountains in case of any accidents or Altitude Sickness during your Nepal  trip.


However, travel insurance is not mandatory for those traveler(s) who intend to do cultural/city tours. Travel Insurance is not mandatory either for traveler(s) who intend to do short hikes below 2,500 meters of altitude.


It is always better to be safe first than to be worried  later. Please make sure that you have a good travel insurance that covers all the problems associated with  any adventure trips with Himalayan Mantra